The Entrance to the Cloister P1050401.JPG Fabio Moricci P1050404.JPG Poul Lund - Tom Westerich - Fabio Balestri et al. At the right side Mario Di Pietro from Catania. at the very left side - Edoardo Marino P1050410.JPG P1050423.JPG Giuseppe Fichera pocketing a pen... P1050426.JPG P1050427.JPG P1050429.JPG P1050430.JPG Horst Max Schrage and Manuela Schrage - ASTORIA Pens shown in Rome Rome2011Poster.jpg
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IN(K)CHIOSTRO Rome Pen Show 2011

3. April 2011

 Dear Fellow Pen Collectors,

finally we made it - found the right spot to stage the next ROME PEN SHOW.
Here are the first core informations, more to be supplied later:

To be held on sunday, April, 3, 2011  - from 9. am to  6 pm
in the cloister of the Church Sant Andrea delle Fratte, this is in the
very center of Rome, near Piazza di Spagna.

Entrance for visitors of course will be free.
For Exhibitors, tables will cost aprox. 100 euro.
Ambulant dealers are kindly invited to pay 20 Euro to cover a tiny
part of the naturally very high expenses.

Shortly, we will provide more informations via our website.

Best regards and happy holidays!

Tom Westerich

PS - check the location in google maps:

Größere Kartenansicht

Rome Pen Show Pictures

some pictures, showing the Event.