Tipps and Tricks

a collection of repair and maintenance tricks.

Growing tired of having to repeat some standard questions in numerous emails, I will collect some basics here available for everybody.


Tom Westerich  

Shellac - making of - and how to get it off...

How to get new Shellac glue? - you could buy some at an artist supply shop -

supplied in amber color flakes, they dissolve over night - in Alcohol.

And excess Shellac - wil be perfectly removed by using Alcolhol as a solvent. 

This way, I also take off excess Shellac from pen barrels. 
Just make sure, you donĀ“t bathe a celluloid pen in Alcohol, 
being wiped off does not attack the plastic, 
but a bath in Alcohol will deform the surface. 

and - BTW - Alcohol is as well a perfect cleaner for excess bicomponent glue, as long as its still liquid. 
Once hardened, it would be Acetone to dissolve the bicomponent - but well, this of course absolutely NOT with 
celluloid or other plastics.