A horrible ebay experience...

buying a Goldfink from Benzvio in Tel Aviv

Hello out there,

here is a little story about a rotten ebay sale, which did not go to an end.



This is what in october I found offered in ebay, item no. 390002016234  , seller BENZVIO

seller name is ZVI OFER from Tel AVIV.

See the attached pictures, these are the original auction pictures, pen appeared big and interesting,

but there was some spot on the ink crusted nib, which made me doubt there might be a crack in the shoulder of the nib.

So I cut out the detail of the nib, and with the help of a blue arrow pointed out the area of interest to the seller. "Could you please check, is there a crack?" was my question.

"NO CRACK" was sellers immediate answer.

See here in the original:

nib is absolotly complete - no defects like cracks!!
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So I bought the pen at $ 525, paid a 45 Euro on top for UPS (got an EMS at 108 Shekel = 22 Euro.... )
Paid more than 20% inport duties on top of the price paid.

And got a pen not with 1 crack the nib, but with 2 cracks. Second crack renders the nib unrestorable.

Sellers first reaction to my complaint: "I do not believe there is a crack."

My mail to the seller was asking for either a substantial refund, 50% = 250 Dollars.

or a full refund, including the cost for shipping back and the import duties.

SellerĀ“s meagre counter offer was 100 Dollars. And absolutely no understanding on his side.

His main mistake was not the crack in the nib, but the fact, that he did not inform me about it, when I asked explicitely about it.

What are the options, what did the seller do after he got my question? 
Did he simply not look at the nib, just stated his "no cracks"?
Or did he look at it - and did not see anything?
Or did he look at it, and decided not to tell the truth?

And the even bigger mistake was to deny the crack even after having received my complaint.

I am a professional seller myself, and I am used to commit mistakes, and at the age of 46 my eyesight makes me oversee drastic damages sometimes.
Just that I am used to trust my customers, accept their complaints, and fully refund any damages which are my fault.
I am not used to denie damages to pens, I am instead used to apologize for mistakes.
And I never suspect my customers to create a complaint to make some money on the refund!


OK, there are some pictures,copied from the auction, and one of the nib, done by me.

Enjoy!  And may this story keep some fellow collectors from falling into this trap in ebay, a trap
called BENZVIO 



Tom Westerich

December, 2008




The Goldfink pen, as it was offered by BENZVIO. The detail of the Goldfink - picture by BenzvioHere is same pic with the the blue arrow I mailed to the seller. The Goldfink nib as I see it here in my workshop. Here is the nib after restoration - but nib will remain cracked.