A Pen one of a kind from Gold and Ebonite

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This project was created in Kooperation with Maurizio D´Ottavio, goldsmith in Guardiagrele, Abruzzo. He is working for 15 Years here in this town. There is a traditional gold tradition here, the "presentosa", made from gold filigree.

As a base for the gold, I created a pushbuttonfiller from scratch, a rod of ebonite become a large senior size cylindric pen, on the lathe at home in Caprafico.

Cap and barrel were then overlayed with an eternal spiral of Abruzzo Filigree, made from about 60 gramms of 18 Karat solid gold.

Here is a first view of the result:

La Guardia Füllhalter 18 Karat Gold

The pen bears the Guardiagrele seal in the cap top, cast in solid gold
as well.

On July, 31, at the opening of this year´s Mostra dell´Artigianato, the pen was first
presented to the public. This pen is a unique item, one of a kind. Of course, if requested, we will be happy to do a second one - but sure, this will not be a similar pen, it will change with buyer´s and artists ideas.