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Vintage Fountain pens
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This is a litte page about my work with vintage fountain pens.

I am working with vintage fountain pens since 1992. Before, from 1977 till 1992 I sold modern fountain pens in the shops of my family, here in Hamburg. (We were among Germany┬┤s strongest  Montblanc dealers at that time.)

My pleasure is the work with vintage pens.

It needs technical skills and constant research to learn about fountain pens.

It needs an immense stock of "useless" spare parts.

It needs a lathe, and lots of tools.

AND most important: many friends around the world who share their secrets with me, in exchange for the little, I found out myself.

I am still learning, and am happy about any new information, about materials, makers, tipps and tricks. ....


My Repairservices:
No use to mail a pen from abroad for a simple repair.
Often, I can point out a local repairsman.
My special skills:
- German Fountain pens, Pelikan, Montblanc,  Soennecken, Kaweco ecc.
- Cap lip cracks repaired on the lathe.
- Cap bands tightened with vintage tools
- Cap bands remade and fixed.
- Safetyfiller and pistonfiller cork seals.

Please contact me before sending any repairs.

And be prepared to wait quite a while - I do have lots of repairs to do, and there always is a long queue . ........

Buy and Sell.
I do also sell pens - see my offers on penboard.de 

Please do always contact me before sending a pen for repair. 

My adresses:

Tom Westerich
Rainweg 9  - D - 20249 Hamburg, Germany


Loc. Caprafico 33, I - 66043 Casoli, Chieti, Italy.

My cellphone:  +39 340 2546717




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