Nightcloud Papers

Handmade Paper from Amandola, Marche

NightCloud Paper MillKatarina and NatanWe first met Catharina Sonn Kaaren and Natan Kaaren
by the end of 2006. They live and work in Amandola, Marche, Italy,

Their handmade paper show a wonderful variety of different shapes,
surfaces and fibers.
Here is just one example, patterns kind of "printed" into the paper.
Onto a first layer of white fibers, a second darker layer is fit, into which
by means of stencils various patterns can be worked.
This type of paper as well can wonderfully be used for lampshades.

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5 sheets A4 , 5 envelopes Envelope C6same envelope against lightSheet A4 and EnvelopeNightcloudt PaperlightNightcloud Paperlight shining


How a sheet of paper is made.

There are 500 sets of envelope and cards to be finished -

white paper with a soft blue border, to become wedding announcements.

NatanĀ“s oldest sun is bound to marry in April 2008.


Even the spiders work in sheets at Nighcloud.... Natan back from work. Creating a blu border on white paper. Blue border finished - fibers are from Blue Jeans.Into the pulp to create the paper. Out of the pulp. Post the paper on a sheet of paper.The paper posted. Transfer onto a smooth acrylic board, ready for pressing.

Watermark Paper

Here you can see how an impressive Watermark is done.

The Watermark pattern is posted. The Paper is made, still soaked with water. The sheet ready to be transferred. Posted on the transfer paper. The pattern is removedAnd here is the watermark ready in the sunlight.