The Gobbo di GuardiagreleThe Mozzetta di GuardiagreleAn oversize Gobbo di Guardiagrele, 31 cm long openedTwo smaller size Mozzetta di Guardiagrele, again by Spinogatti. Two Versions of the Gobbo Guardiese, medium and large size.

Coltelli di Guardiagrele

2 knives made by Spinogatti

Signor Spinogatti passed away in 2002 at the age of 90.

When I heard about the long history of knife making in Guardiagrele and the fact,

that with Spinogatti, the last artisan knifemaker from Guardiagrele had ceased to exist, I started searching for some of is knives.

Here are some of them pictured,

The Mozzetta di Guardiagrele

and the  Gobbo di Guardiagrele.

(Gobbo translates to hunchback)

The handle is a bitt different from the classic Gobbo Abruzzese.