Touring Abruzzo around Caprafico

a short guide ...

Shopping for everyday....
Thats where we would go.... 
The nearest “super market” - go down to the 81, towards Casoli, aprox. at km 186 
Fruit and Vegetables - the market in Casoli on Friday has a wonderful selection. 
The Vegetables shop in Guardiagrele centre near the church San Cristoforo
and there is a Vegetables stand under the portico at Largo San Cristoforo. 
The butcher:  Romantino at Piazza San Francesco in  Guardiagrele  0871 85971
The wine and “local delikatessen”  Antichi Sapori, via Tripio, Guardiagrele. 
Wine - Enoteca Fiore in via Roma, Guardiagrele 
Pollo Nostrano - local chicken - best you can find... at  Menna Fratelli  Macelleria in Casoli, Via Garibaldi 9,   tel: 0872 981358
basics?  Euro Spin for perfect milk and butter and yogurt at reasonable prices.
Fresh Fish - tuesdays and fridays, there are 2 fish vendors in Casoli 
Dinner nearby? Fern and Jono.... 
Olive Oil   Tommaso Masciantonio - Trappeto di Caprafico 
His olive mill is just down the road -  to find the olive mill with Italy´s best olive oil you do not have to travel that far. 
Their oil in fact has been declared Italy´s best at the VinItaly Fair in Verona, in 2013. 
Farro, Lentils, pasta ecc - Santoleri 
Bar Risorgimento
Contrada Laroma   -   66043 Casoli (CH) 
tel 0872 981384    335 6595760
down the street no. 81 towards Casoli 
Simple but perfect Lunch at 10 euro a head. 
La Torretta
Lago Sant'Angelo - c.da Torretta n. 8  -  66043 Casoli    
Delicious Abruzzo food for lunch, in the evenings they also offer a wide selection of meat dishes.  Located near the Lake “lago di Sant´Angelo with a wonderful view. 
Abruzzo Rafting
Canoe and Kayak in the river Aventino‎
Contrada Forconi 2, Frazione Ciclone   -  66010 Civitella Messer Raimondo 
cell. 327 281 9191
Market on Friday
Shops closed on sunday
Below Casoli, near the SS. 81 
at the shopping area Quadrante
Seems like a misfit -but this Euro Spin discount is the only spot 
to find very good milk, yoghurt and butter at decent prices. aparto from that is a
decent discounter at incredibly low prices. 
Birrificio Maiella
Via San Salvatore,6   -  66043 Casoli (CH) Italy
Luxury beer 
Villa Maiella Ristorante e albergo
Loc. Villa Maiella   -   66016 Guardiagrele (CH)
Tel. 0871 809319
One of the rare restaurants in Abruzzo with a Michelin star. 
Very good Abruzzo food and Wine
Closed sunday night and all monday. 
Grotta dei Raselli 
Localita' Comino  via Raselli,   Guardiagrele (CH) - 
Tel: 0871808292  -  3478694693
Hostaria Elisa
Località Bocca di Valle n°85    66010 Guardiagrele - Chieti
087183073   3478484777
closed all tuesday and wednesday lunchtime
Enoteca Fiore 
Via Roma, 258  66016 Guardiagrele Chieti
0871 83960‎
Best selection of wines from top quality bottles to good wines sold by the litre.
Antichi Sapori 
Via Tripio, 135  66016 Guardiagrele Chieti
0871 801072
wonderful local and Abruzzo food  perfect selection of wines
Il Vento di Prua  
Best Fish in town.. Better than most fish restaurants at the seaside
Via Orientale,18 - Guardiagrele (CH)
Tel. +39.0871.800664   +39.337.295987
Market on sunday, shops closed on monday. 
Need truffles to try on your own? 
Tell us and we will call one of the local truffle hunters. 
a nice trip for a first dip into the adriatic....
going down to the adriatic sea, via Casoli, Piane D´archi to hit the SS16 
near Fossacesia.
Go up to Fossacesia and visit the 
Abbazia San Giovanni in venere.
get back to the seaside, go up north following the SS 16. 
find some 
Trabocchi - many of them now with restaurants, especially in summer. 
For a more rustic bath, you can go down one of the small paths that lead to the water, and you will find isolated, more rocky spots. 
First stop for a bit of real  beach - La foce near the Camping La Foce.  
and you will see 
Ristorante La Foce in Rocca San Giovanni, pretty good...
and as well 
La Balena  - Osteria di mare. 
S.S. 16 C.da Vallevò 158     -   66020 Rocca S. Giovanni 
(Ch) Tel.0872 609201‎
they are very good, but in business for quite a long time, 
and it seems, they lost a bit of steam...
go for more beach to San Vito Marina.
Take a swim and get hungry again, 
go see one of the 
take away restaurants for Frittura Fried Fish and more.
Most impressive is “Le Frit est Chic” but the others are good as well. 
Don´t eat too much, leave a bit of space for Icecream at 
Gelateria Bar Copa De Dora
Via Nazionale Adriatica 10,   San Vito Chietino
Or go for high level food 
L'angolino da Filippo Ristorante
Via Nazionale Adriatica, 31   -   66038 San Vito Chietino (CH)
Tel. 0872 61632
A trip to the south of Abruzzo? 
Up to Pennapiedimonte, then to Palombaro, 
Fara San Martino, Lama Peligni (a nice botanic garden there), 
always following the SS84 you end up in Pescocostanzo and Rivisondoli. 
a well known skiing resort. 
2 hours more and you are in Naples 
1 hour more and you find the village Ateleta with the truffels restaurant 
Tel. 086465112
Simple style of a restaurant but delicious food and modest prices. 
The best restaurant with two Michelin stars to be found in this area as well: 
Ristorante Reale
Contrada Santa Liberata    -   67031 - Castel di Sangro (AQ)
Tel:  0864 69382
we have had it only once to celebrate a special occasion, 
but its sure an incredible unforgettable event. 
Campo Imperatore - Gran Sasso - Aquila 
Go see the the plateau “alto piano” Campo Imperatore below the Gran Sasso. 
A most impressing landscape. 
A depressing experience to see the ancient centre of L´Aquila still badly damaged by the earthquake that hit the area in 2009. 
See the Saffron plantations on the area near Santo Stefano di Sessannio. 
Its as well an area also full of pre roman and roman sites. 
Fara San Martino  
This is where De Cecco produces his Pasta, 
and two other pasta makers, Del Verde and the luxurious “Cocco” 
this is where a new coffee brand was born in 2011: Officina 5 Caffe 
(try it down at Bar Risorgimento, near the SS81 to Casoli) 
and you can start an excursion into the mountains, 
going through the “Gola de Fara San Martino” 
Going up to Passo Lanciano and Blockhaus. 
In Winder, near Passo Lanciano you find a good skiing resort. 
In summer, you find wonderful mountain sites. 
On the way up, (or back down) you find in a grotto, carved into the mountain:
“La Torre di Pretoro"
Via Rua di Livio, 1    66010 Pretoro CH
0871898400  cell. 3202632046
Open all saturdays and sundays, 
other days ? just give them a call and they will organize an evening for you. 
A longer trip to Villetta Barea and Scanno
Going towards Roma on the motorway,
exit Pescina, 
then go through Valle Saggitario  - spectacular! 
see the villages Scanno and Villetta Barea. 
Scanno is famous for their gold smith works. 
Find a fleamarket in the area? 
start here - but better ask before going, they are quite erratic with their data..